New HTTP 4D Plug-In Available

Deep Sky Technologies has announced a new version of their HTTP 4D component, HTTP Client Deux. The new 4D component provides developers with a way to to easily manage HTTP and HTTPS requests. According to Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of beta 1 of HTTP Client Deux v1.0.0 for Macintosh and Windows. HTTP Client Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a comprehensive set of HTTP and HTTPS request methods for use throughout 4D based projects.

HTTP Client Deux provides many automation and management functions for use in writing HTTP request and response processing code. It automatically handles most of the common operations involved in managing HTTP communications in 4D.

HTTP Client Deux works "on top" of TCP Deux, another 4D component available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. TCP Deux provides completely transparent operation with 4D Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x; any of these plugins can be used without any coding changes. The only exception to this is for HTTPS requests to function properly you must be using a valid copy of ITK Pro v2.5.x.

TCP Deux and HTTP Client Deux do require that the BASh 4D component be installed for it to operate correctly. BASh is a 4D component available for free from DSTi and it handles all of the core routines needed to properly run TCP Deux and HTTP Client Deux.

The beta for HTTP Client Deux is open to the public. The HTTP Client Deux component requires no serialization as it works with TCP Deux directly. A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in HTTP Client Deux, is included with the component.

The functionality available in the HTTP Client Deux component include:

  • Single method call for all common HTTP/HTTPS request;
  • Support for GET, POST, and HEAD requests;
  • Automatic argument encoding for POST values;
  • Response header and content parsing routines;
  • HTTP response code extraction routines;
  • Low level, fully customizable request interface;
  • Transparent support for IC v6.7.x, ITK v2.0.x, and ITK v2.5.x;
  • Full SSL support for HTTPS when using ITK v2.5.x.

The HTTP Client Deux is currently in beta form and is available for free. You can find more information at the Deep Sky Technologies Web site.