New Halo Screenshots And Movie Footage

Voodoo Extreme posted has some interesting images of Halo, Bungie Softwareis upcoming squad based action game. Halo is expected to be released for the Mac, X-box, and PC. The new screenshots are taken directly from an X-Box and show some very advanced features such as bump mapping and real time lighting. Only the Geforce 3 could pump out enough juice to run a game with these effects, so we have to assume that the X-Box will in fact contain some variation on Nvidiais new 3D card.

Head on over to Voodoo Extremeis new Halo Screenshots for a closer look.

Also, two new Halo movies have been released and are located at Gamespot. These two movies show off the raw rendering power of the new Geforce 3 in action, with such effects as waves on water and hovercraft operation.

You can find more information at the Bungie Web site.