New Icons From The Iconfactory

The Iconfactory has announced the release of new icons with the advent of cold weather. Kidcon Alpine OS is available with over 85 icons in the Kidcon style for custom folders and trash. Apline OS is also available as an iControler iPack for double-click customization. According to The Iconfactory:

With the winter weather well on its way, The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the release of our latest freeware Macintosh icon collection - Kidcon Alpine OS. This new collection of over 85 icons in the popular Kidcon style, contains custom folder and document replacements for the Macintosh system folder, trash can and more. In addition, Alpine OS is available as an iControl iPack which allows users to instantly customize the default folder, the entire system folder and trash with a simple double-click.

You can find more information about Kidcon Alpine OS and the new icons at the Iconfactory Web site. Kidcon Alpine OS is available freeware.