New Illustrator Plug-Ins Available

Sapphire Innovations has just released a new version of their set of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins, Sapphire Pack. Version 1.2.1 adds the feature of real time feedback. That is, as one make changes and adjust settings the individual is able to immediately see the changes take place. According to Sapphire Innovations:

What is new in version 1.2.1?? Realtime-preview, all the plugins sliders now respond in realtime giving an instant view to the effect, giving even more creative options. 1.2 update featured a huge change to the interfaces and added 100s of new options.

The set is for mac and pc. 10 plugins in all. Each plugin comes with a huge range of options. Each plugin handle selected multiple paths. Also included in the plugin is a set of layer options to allow the pluginis effect to be spread across multiple layers, these layers can then be used in other applications such as Flash(tm). The plugins come with scaling effects; rotation effects so paths can be rotated around a single point or a certain path or the pathis own centre; and displacement effects so the duplication plugin can place a path at increasing distances and accelerating and decelerating distances from the original location in the vertical and horizontal directions. Most of the plugins also have colour change effects so the paths can fade into the background or get darker or lighter, again uniformly or accelerating with maximum and minimum bounce effects.

The following plugins have been included with this set

Duplication plugin
This plugin duplicates a path over the vertical and horizontal. It varies the distances, the sizes of the paths, the colour of the paths, stroke widths, it also patterns the repeats of the paths. It also has rotate features and layer features.

Grid plugin
This plugin generates lines. Vertically and horizontally, comes with a huge range of options to change the colour, stoke width, thickness, length, angle of the generated lines.

Random Clutter
Generates a random selection of squares, polygons, spirals, circles, stars, and more. Again, varying the height and width, elements related to the shapes so for a star you can control how many spokes stars will have. Placement control, control of the generated path colours.

Round Duplication
Rotates a path around user defined centre, creating multiple copies of that path. Also has a feature to repeat this set of copies outwards from the rotate centre (and the ability to vary various aspects of the repeat duplication). The paths can be scaled, angled, colour changed, line widths changed, displaced, and more. The effect can also be applied over multiple layers. There is also a skip/create pattern feature to create more complex path creations. Multiple paths can be selected and rotated. Paths can be rotated around their own centre or a set point on the path or around a particular path.

Inset plugin
This plugin creates scaled copies of the original path or paths. Also has layer options, colour effects, displacement and angular options. This can create incredible effects with text. There is also a distorted inset option so you can create really odd distorted contour paths. Have the path fade away as it insets to get a blurry inset effect.

Random colour plugin
This plugin takes the select objects and adds a certain percentage of colour to the path but applies this randomly between the selected range. There is a threshold facility so only those paths with a certain colour range will be affected. The fill or the stroke can be affected. A complete random fill option also exists.

Star Creator plugin
Creates multiple star shapes. So instead of just having an average star you can have a star of 60 spokes but with each of those alternating in distance from the centre or having the spokes flow outwards and inwards throughout the path of the star.

Sharp edge frame tool
Creates jagged edged frame paths. Creates subtle or really intense frames.

Spirals plugin tool
Creates triangular spirals. Polygon spirals and square spirals. Have the spiral gap accelerate outwards or have gaps between the spiral paths or have the spiral change colour as it extends outwards. Distort the spiral gaps or add a star option to create complex star spirals.

Pie Slice plugin
Splits the path or selected paths into multiple slices (depending on the number of points in the path), towards a pre-defined percentage of the centre or a selected number of user defined centres.

The Sapphire Pack is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovations web site.