New Internet Service For Jaguar Users Features Digital Content

Rainjul L.L.C. has released a new Internet service for Jaguar users. Aizai is an online television channel aimed at creative professionals looking to distribute digital work via the Web. The service features an open broadcasting system and a Global Tuner for "channel surfing". According to Ranjul:

Rainjul L.L.C. has introduced Aizai the first Internet service that allows individuals and groups to view, create and distribute digital photos, movies, music, Web pages, documents and folders via virtual television channels. Aizai runs on Apple Computer’s Mac OS X Jaguar.

Aizai introduces the concept of the channel service network, an open system for broadcasting Internet channels. Aizai’s Global Tuner, the world’s first Internet channel browser, allows individuals to navigate channel service networks. Global Tuner gives new meaning to “channel-surfing”.

Aizai’s Global Broadcaster uses the power of Mac OS X to allow individuals to broadcast their creative work worldwide, to audiences public or private. It allows users to create channels by placing or pointing to information on the Internet. Global Broadcaster works seamlessly with Apple Computer’s .Mac service, with standard WebDAV servers or standalone.

You can find more information about Aizai at the Rainjul L.L.C. Web site. Aizai is available starting at US$29.95.