New Laptop Case Shipping From TOM BIHN

TOM BIHN is now shipping padded cases for laptop users. The Empire Builder is a soft laptop briefcase designed with padded walls and hard plastic dividers for organizing papers and files. Also included are snaps for the optional Brain Cell insert for added laptop protection. According to TOM BIHN:

Finally, after years of promises, TOM BIHN has designed the ultimate laptop briefcase!

The EMPIRE BUILDER - is the result of 3 years of product development and 30 years of bag-building experience. It is uniquely styled, superbly functional, and built to withstand whatever you and the airlines can dish out.

The front, back, bottom, and sides are padded and stiffened by 1/4" (6mm) closed-cell foam to protect contents and maintain sharp looks. Inside the main compartment, the Empire Builder comes with three hard plastic file dividers that make organizing your papers a snap & keeps those important files from getting damaged.

You can find more information about The Empire Builder release at the TOM BIHN Web site. The Empire Builder is available for US$130.00.