New Learning Tools For Maya Now Shipping

Alias|Wavefront is now shipping six new learning tools for Maya users. Maya is a 3D animation software designed for film and game development applications. The learning tools feature several different topics including Rendering 2D Effects in a 3D Environment and Games and Interactive. According to Alias|Wavefront:

Alias|Wavefront announced today that it is releasing six new Maya learning tools. The new offerings consist of two books, four DVDs and one courseware offering and are aimed at any user who has had some exposure to Maya and would like to broaden their knowledge of specific areas of the software. Topics covered by the tools include: character rigging, dynamics, rendering, and modeling.

The new learning tools are entitled:

  • Maya Dynamics
  • Maya Techniques| Rendering 2D Effects in a 3D Environment - DVD
  • Maya Techniques | Patch Modeling for Visual Effects - DVD
  • Learning Maya | Character Rigging and Animation - Book
  • Learning Maya | Games and Interactive - Book
  • Maya Techniques | Integrating a Creature Animation Rig Within a Production Pipeline - DVD

You can find more information about the new Maya learning tools at the Alias|Wavefront Web site. The Maya learning tools vary individually in price, so stop by the online store for purchase information.