New Logo Announced For Copy Protected CDs

International recording industry body IFPI has released a logo to be placed on copy-protected CDs. The logo, which is an optional mark, has been released in order to distinguish them from regular CDs. According to the IFPIis press release, the logo has been supplied in accordance with their recommendations that copy-protected CDs should be clearly identified, and contain information about the type of protectio technology employed.

Jay Berman, IFPI Chairman and CEO said: "Copy protection is a logical response by the music industry to protect its product from mass copying and digital piracy. The new, optional logo will be of practical help to record companies and retailers in informing consumers that a CD carries some form of copy control."

Lucy Cronin, Director of the Global Entertainment Retail Association (GERA) Europe said: "GERA-Europe welcomes the IFPI logo which should serve as a tool to reduce both retailer and consumer confusion with respect to copy protected CDs. Obviously, the individual and collective use of the logo in the marketplace by content owners is necessary for the success of this voluntary logo which, if implemented across the board, should provide the end-customer with enough information to know what they can and cannot do with the music they are purchasing. Properly informing the customer should always be a goal of the entertainment industry."

The IFPIis copy-protected CD logo.
The optional logo identifies the CD as copy-protected.

You can read the IFPIis press release and find out more about the organization at the IFPI Web site.