New MacBook Covers from Marware

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Marware announced the immediate availability of two new covers for the MacBook and MacBook Pro on Thursday. Both include sizes sizes for Appleis 13, 15, and 17-inch laptops, and are available in several colors. The Sportfolio is a neoprene portfolio-style case that includes three pockets for accessories, a lined laptop compartment, neoprene-lined zippers, and a shoulder strap. The neoprene Sportfolio Sleeve also uses neoprene-lined zippers, and includes an Ultra-soft Orca skin pocket on the front, and a shoulder strap.

The Sportfolio (left) and Sportfolio Sleeve (right).

The Sportfolio laptop case is priced starting at US$39.95, and the Sportfolio Sleeve starts at $29.95.

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