New Mac Based 56k Dial-up Service From Nine Wire

Nine Wire has announced a new internet service for the Mac community called RetroSpeed Nationwide 56k dialup. The service is meant to be an alternative to users not interested in paying broadband prices. According to Nine Wire:

New Broadband Internet providers are advertising faster than the old ones can go bankrupt. NineWire is proud to release itis newest service which weire sure will make the big boys quake in their boots.

Not 256k, not even close to 512k, and without the limitations of Fiber or Gigabit Ethernet, NineWire is proud to announce itis "New" RetroSpeed Nationwide 56k dialup.

From their humble beginnings in January 1997, NineWire Digital Solutions has grown to be a leader in Mac Internet Solutions including Mac Web Hosting and Mac Internet Access. Their surefire customer service and rapid server performance has generated a whirlwind of positive customer response.

You can find more information about the RetroSpeed Nationwide dialup at the Nine Wire Web site. RetroSpeed Nationwide is available for US$14.99.