New Mac Desktop Images And Other Goodies

The Apple Collection has some new products for lovers of all things Mac related. The Apple Collection is a Web site dedicated to promoting the Mac image from visitor submitted desktop images and collectible Mac products for sale. According to the Apple Collection:

Build the best desktop picture and win "Speed Download" Software

Theme : "Apple Speed"

The theme have to be in relation with Apple

Submit your entries until August 16, 2002 at the latest

This week we have added:

  • add 75 Desktop Pictures with 22 submitted
  • add 2 MacDesign to Proto
  • add 10 new postcards, iMac, iPod, OSX...
  • MikaWares is "The site of the week"

You can find more information about the new additions at The Apple Collection Web site. The Desktops are available freeware.