New Mac Gaming Company Working On Title

Dark Light Studios, the game developing company for MacZ Software, is currently working on their first title, Sundown. Sundows is a futuristic role playing game, however, no release date has been set. According to MacZ Software:

MacZ Software has launched Dark Light Studios, an in-house game development team. This team will develop quality game products for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Dark Light Studios was founded in July of 2000 to be an in-house game developer for a Finnish software developing company, MacZ Software. Dark Light Studios aims to make new, innovative games and prefers quality over quantity and playability and a good overall gaming experience over flashy effects.

MacZ Software has announced that its in-house game development team, Dark Light Studios, is developing their upcoming game title, "Sundown". Formerly known as "The Dawning of Darkness", Sundown is a futuristic action RPG, which will be available on Mac and Windows platforms.

Dark Light Studios has launched a web site for Sundown, providing news and information of the upcoming game title. The site can be found at

Since Sundown is expected to enter the final stages of development in late 2001, the game development team has decided not to set any final release dates yet.

About Dark Light:
Dark Light Studios is an independent in-house game development team for MacZ Software. Founded in July of 2000, Dark Light Studios prefers quality over quantity, and is dedicated to bringing great game titles to platforms such as Apple Macintosh (Mac OS) and Windows-compatible PCis.

You can find more information about Dark Light Studios at the MacZ Software web site.