New Mac Mailing List For The Typical Home User

Eric Prentice, better known as The Macintosh Guy, has launched a new discussion mailing list for the average "home" Macintosh user, the Home Macintosh e-mail discussion group. The list allows typical "home" Mac users to talk about applications, tips, and problems outside of the professional realm of use. According to Mr. Prentice:

Hello. Iim pleased to announce the Home Macintosh email discussion list.

HomeMac is a forum for Macintosh users at home. Most anything related to non-professional hardware, applications that cost under $250, troubleshooting, productivity or the software that came with your Mac is fair game.

Home Mac List joins the other lists hosted at including Mac OS X Beta, BusMac, MacCube, MacMP, G4, iBook, MacGames, MacUSB, MacFireWire, and Duo/2400 List.

Sending a message to will begin subscription to the list.

You can also find more information and register at The Macintosh Guy web site.