New Mac Only ISP Goes Live

TheMacISP, a Macintosh only internet service provider, has announced that they are now offering service in 28 countries around the world. Offering premium Internet service, along with a number of hosting options, MacISP is the largest Mac only internett solutions company in the world. According to TheMacISP: (Macintosh Internet Solutions) is proud to announce World Wide Coverage to over 28 Countries on Tuesday November 7th, 2000. With a footprint this large and a 100% G4 architecture, what more could a Mac user ask for? How about $15.98 a month. With that you receive unlimited access to our foot print (larger the any other Mac-Centric ISP), 25 MB of personal web space on one of our G4 Servers, Over 40,000 USENET NewsGroups, Members Only Area that includes On-Line help files for tons of Mac Internet applications, Private HotLine Server, Web-Cards, Responsive and Friendly Toll-Free Phone Tech Support and much more.

Looking for a Feature-Rich, Screaming fast hosting company? We have your answer! $15.98 a month gets you 100MB of disk space, with lots of features including inlimited MGI tags and on the fly stats! All in a screaming fast Macintosh G4 server node with 24 X 7 monitoring your server. At less then $300 per month and no set-up fees, our Co-Location service features can not be beat! You can tap your own Mac into our node or rent the latest G4, Cube or iMac from us Unlike any other ISP, we offer hefty discounts for Mac UserGroup members along with free hosting for official User Group site and Pro Mac News and help sites!

You can find more information about the company and their services at TheMacISP web site.