New Mac Only Internet News Viewer Available

Theodore H. Smith has announced a new news viewer for the Macintosh, News XPress. News XPress is an XML based news viewer allowing users to tap into Internet News Feeds, and sort news items for relevance and favorite topics. According to Mr. Smith:

Theodore H. Smith, independent Macintosh software developer, has announced News XPress, a powerful XML news viewer now available exclusively for the Mac. News XPress lets you browse, read and keep up to date with news published by big servers on the Internet. News published over the Internet are called "News Feeds". Read your favourite news topics, learn about interesting breakthroughs in science, keep up to date with changes in the computing industry, all through one simple application!

News XPress 1.21, the first public release, includes enhanced news browsing, including access to news while using any program at all, through a handy small window that stays atop of all your other windows.

Features and Benefits of News XPress:

  • Simple, powerful and intuitive interface.
  • News XPress Floater offers browsing of news from inside your web browser.
  • Auto checks for new news as often as you like.
  • Powerful favorites editor with copy & paste, and a Favourites menu.
  • Many extras like Find, Server information, copying news items, etc
  • Saving of news views and opening saved files.
  • Viewing of many formats of XML news, such at RDF, RSS, moreovernews and CDF.

The interface is simple and elegant, yet very functional. It is feature packed, including find, ability to save views of news feeds, auto news updating, and news list merging.

News XPress is Made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

News XPress is available for US$15. You can find more information at Mr. Smithis web site.