New Mac Ram Retailer Launched

Xplain Corporation has launched a new RAM retailer called Offering RAM specifically configured for Macs, as well as several PC manufacturers, the company says it can offer better pricing because it is building RAM modules to order. From has put online a new memory store that offers over 16,000 types of RAM and memory products -- for Macs, PCs, even Flash Memory for cameras, MP3 players or flash drives. is taking a innovative approach to RAM products. Each memory module is built to order, making sure customers get exactly the module they need, shipped within a few days, at up-to-the-minute prices and specifications.

BetterRAM.comis RAM store features an interactive, lightning fast "RAM Locator" that will help customers identify their computer make and model from over 4000 systems. The RAM Locator then presents customers with their systems memory requirements, limitations, and a list of modules available with up-to-the-minute prices.

Memory modules are built to exacting factory specs by BetterRAM.comis manufacturing team with over 65 years of combined experience in the computer memory and peripheral industry. Each product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Customers donit have to ask for, as an example, iDDR PC3200 RAMi that may or may not work in their machine. Instead at, customers just look for options for their PowerBook G4 or Dell Dimension 2300 -- and know that itis built to work for that specific machine ... including those using the latest firmware updates.

Because modules are built to order, is able to offer a huge selection with fast delivery. Most modules ship within a couple of days. Thousands of types of memory for Macs, PCs are available. You can not only find the latest RAM for your Mac, Linux or Windows machine -- but also that 10 year old computer hiding in the closet just begging to be used. even carries Flash Memory for cameras or MP3 players, as well as flash drives.

You can find more information at BetterRAM.comis Web site.