New Mac VST Music Plug-in Released

MacMusic and Dragan Petrovic have released a new Mac VST music plug-in, AutoDynamic. AutoDynamic is able to produce unusual drum and compression effects. According to MacMusic:

AutoDynamic 1.01 released. <> Again, Dragan Petrovic has released a new VST plug-in at AutoDynamic v1.01 is a special compressor/gate which can produce really stange and unusual compression effects. Try it to dirty your drum loops samples.

Compatibility: any Macintosh software using VST technologie.

Tested softwares: Emagic - Logic Platinum, Steinberg - Cubase VST, TC - Spark, Bias - Peak.

it uses 2% of processing on a G3-350 !!!!

AutoDynamic is available for free. You can find more information at the MacMusic web site.