New Mah Jong Game From Pryogon

Pyrogon has released a new app for Mac gamers, NingPo Mah Jong. NingPo Mah Jong is the digital equivalent of the ancient tile matching game. According to Pyrogon:

Pyrogon is pleased to announce the release of NingPo Mah Jong for OS X!

Pyrogon delivers its take on the classic tile-matching solitaire game! Donit be fooled into thinking that this is "just another clone", because itis far more than that! NingPo Mah Jong provides outstanding art work, great music, and awesome game play while still retaining the elements that make this game so great - simplicity and fun!

You can find more information about the NingPo Mah Jong released at the Pyrogon Web site. NingPo Mah Jong is available for US$19.95.