New Malaysian Animated Short: iMac At The iBeach Playing Limbo has published a report about a new animated iMac short called "iBeach." According to, the 3D animation was produced by a company called Click Grafix as a demonstration of Lightwave on the Mac for the Malaysian market. From the article:

"Apple invited us (Click Grafix) to do a one hour seminar and the topic we chose was animation on the Mac. I wanted to show something special during the show to celebrate our inclusion as one of the seminar sponsers," says Ahmed the General Manager of Click Grafix, " I saw Apple launch the new iMac on TechTV and the agility of the screen looked amazing. A few weeks later I spoke with Jin Ho regarding coming up with something special for the Apple seminar. He asked me to come up with the idea. That night I had two large Dominos pizzas, and my stomach was so full that I thought if I was to enter a Limbo Rock competition I would certainly lose! But if the new iMac entered, it would win hands down! That is how the idea was inspired. I called him at 2AM, next day we trashed few more details and the rest is what you see."
You can see the film in the article, which we recommend doing. In addition to the movie, there is additional information in the piece about producing the movie itself. Click Grafix has also posted some stills from the video at its own Web site. To see those stills, click the "View the visuals" link on the companyis home page.