New Messaging App From Kanex

Kanex Group, Inc. is now shipping QuickPopup for Mac OS. QuickPopup is an instant messaging app designed for use on closed networks found in offices or educational environments. QuickPopup ships OS X ready with many features. According to Kanex Group:

Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled a new way to communicate in the office, more easily, faster, better. QuickPopup allows users to exchange popup messages over corporate, school and home networks without connecting to the Internet.

Built for Mac OS X, it provides all the advantages of Appleis advanced OS. Itis also available for the classic Mac OS and Windows. Macs with 68k processors and Mac OS 7.5? No problem. QuickPopup works as easily as on the latest PowerMac G4. QuickPopupis versatility will be particularly welcomed by educational and other institutions with a variety of computers on their networks.

Features of QuickPopup:

  • Any incoming message can be "popped up" on screen indicating its importance. Or select a warning sound and deal with it when itis more convenient
  • Incoming messages can be read without leaving what you are doing
  • With a single click, keep in touch with individuals or the whole office
  • Use templates and save time typing standard pro forma messages
  • Data exchange doesnit leave your network and stays confidential
  • Message delivery is guaranteed
  • Save and print incoming messages

You can find more information about QuickPopup at the Kanex Group, Inc. Web site. QuickPopup is available for US$15.00.