New Month, New Issue Of Web Page Design For Designers

The start of Februrary has also brought a new issue of Web Page Design For Designers. The lastest issue takes an extensive look at Flash, and provides some tips and tricks for layer use in Photoshop. According to WPDFD:

Article: Flash - Beyond animation:
Flash can do a lot more than just animation. This is the first in a new series about taking Flash beyond its traditional usage ...

Mini Review: New Flash books:
New Flash 5 books worth reading - for beginners and advanced users.

TopTip: Aligning layers in Photoshop:
How to get pixel perfect alignment from one layer to the next.

MINI 7 Fonts:
Now a complete TrueType font family for Mac and PC. Great for buttons, navbars, icons and any situation where you need very small, readable text.

You can find all of this and more at the Web Page Design For Designers Web site.