New Month, New Issue Of Web Page Design For Designers

The latest issue of Web Page Design For Designers is now available for your viewing. Focused on all aspects of Web design, the latest WPDFD includes an article discussing the benefits of table based layout rather than the use of Cascading Style Sheets and absolute positioning. According to WPDFD:

July 2001 issue of Web Page Design for Designers is now available.

Article: The layout is dead, long live the layout!
Guest writer, Maxine Sherrin, dismisses the use of table-based layouts favouring instead to use Cascading Style Sheets for element positioning - and makes a very good case.

Mini Review: BoxTop Software SuperGIF
Just drop your ibest-shot?at-optimisationi GIF file from Photoshop on top of the SuperGIF icon and the file size will shrink by up to 70% almost instantly.

TopTip: Accessibility - Alt Tags.
Most WYSIWYG editors will allow you to omit alt tags, but you shouldnit! Hereis why.

MAXXI: A new family of TrueType fonts for Web designers.
Where MINI 7 is about as small as you can get, MAXXI is a stylish modern sans-serif that gives pixel accuracy without anti-aliasing at 20 pixels.

Ideal for menus and headings, MAXXI is available in four weights Thin, Light, Roman and Bold and has a full character set including lower case and diacriticals. Also included is a 20 pixel iExtrasi font of frames, arrows and bullet characters.

You can find all of these articles, and more, at the Web Page Design For Designers Web site.