New Month, New Issue of ATPM

The June issue of About This Particular Macintosh is available for your consumption. The latest issue offers a tribute to Macintosh visionary Douglas Adams, as well as offering up a host of Mac OS X tips and tricks. According to ATPM:

Apple Cider: Donit Panic: Bidding Farewell to the Hitchhiker
Tom Iovino honors the recently deceased author and Mac enthusiast Douglas Adams.

"These high-profile Mac enthusiasts have done more than just champion the Macintosh platform: they have all achieved great things in their lives by thinking a little outside the box. And, the creation of the Hitchhikeris series and his other books and games could only come from the innovative mind of Douglas Adams."

The Personal Computing Paradigm: Mac OS X Tips
Michael Tsai introduces some simple tips & tricks to get most out of using OS X.

"A Holding down Command and Option when dragging a file onto an application icon in the Dock forces the application to open the file, even if it doesnit seem to recognize the fileis type."

My Apple Wedge: FileMaker Pro Templates Overview and Tutorial
In his new column, Dierk Seeburg takes a closer look at FileMaker 4is templates and gives a short tutorial on how to customize and script them. Dierk is also soliciting ideas for future FileMaker tutorials.

"I have used FileMaker for over three and a half years now and havenit realized the half of whatis possible to implement in FileMaker. Proof of this comes in the plethora of versatile database solutions that can be found as freeware, shareware, or commercial packages all over the Internet. If you think FileMaker is the weakest link, think again--it may be you!"

The Legacy Corner
Ed Goss invites you to share ideas, tricks, resources, and experiences on using older Macs productively in the age of G4s and Cinema Displays.

"I have been using a Mac since the earliest days of System 7 when I purchased a Mac LC. Currently my wife and I have up and running an LC 575, a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, and my workhorse Power Computing PowerCenter Pro 210, so I feel that Iim a little qualified to speak on behalf of those who find that Legacy Macs still suit their needs. If I donit have an answer to your question, Iim sure one of the other members of the staff can help. What I would like to accomplish is to provide a forum for help with older models, software and hardware upgrades, and a look into the life of those of you who still use older Macs on a daily basis."

You can find all of these articles, and more, at the About This Particular Macintosh Web site.