New Movie Making/CD Authoring Suite Available

Interactive Solutions has released a new suite of tools for creating movies and authoring CDs, MovieWorks Deluxe. MovieWorks Deluxe provides a complete set of tools for creating and editing sound and movies, and does so via a simple interface. According to Interactive Solutions:

Interactive Solutions, Inc. today announced the release of MovieWorks Deluxe 5.1. This easy-to-use suite of five multimedia tools puts exciting and versatile production capabilities into the hands of everyday Windows and Macintosh users. Now, for the first time, users can quickly and easily produce Web movies in QuickTime or AVI format, interactive CD-ROM titles and portfolios, personal and corporate videos, dynamic slide shows and polished multimedia presentations.

Far more than a video editor, the MovieWorks Deluxe suite is the first and only multimedia "works" product. It incorporates simple-to-use video, sound, animation, paint, and image editing tools, enhanced by a powerful time-based, object-oriented sequencing and authoring program. The five functionally related production applications work together seamlessly, through an intelligent, intuitive user interface. Users can easily incorporate analog (AV) or digital (DV) video, photos, graphics, animations, 3D, narration, MIDI, MP3, CD music, text and titling, and even Virtual Reality (VR) movies into stunning, professional-quality home or business multimedia productions.

New features added to version 5.1 include auto-load/auto-start when distributed on CD, and the ability to link to Web pages and PDF documents. The Windows version also now includes the QuickTime effects library, adding over 150 new transitions, plus unrendered scrolling text. These features were already available in the Macintosh version.

MovieWorks Deluxe is available for US$149. You can find more information at the MovieWorks Web site.