New Multi-Platform, Multi-Langauge FileMaker Plug-In On The Way

24U has announced a new FileMaker Pro plug-in that allows developers to easily make their FileMaker databases not only multi-platform, but also multi-lingual. According to 24U:

Last week 24U released the first FileMaker Pro plug-in made as Mac/Windows FAT Binary. Next week we are going to release the first plug-in ever made as FAT Binary for Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Windows.

The new plug-in is called "24U Transcoding Plug-In", and provides for functions that allow FileMaker Pro developers to make their solutions cross-platform usable even with foreign languages. This is not possible with the standard installation of FileMaker Pro supporting only Roman text encoding.

Pricing for the 24U Transcoding Plug-In was not made available at press time. You can find more information at the 24U Web site.

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