New Music Countdown Announces Customized Player

Net Music Countdown has announced the upcoming release of a customized version of QDesignis MVP software called the Net Music Countdown Player. MVP by QDesign is the industryis first cross platform all-in-one entertainment software application for recording from CD to QDesign Music, MP3, and MP2 files. MVP also supports playback of digital music and videos, and playlist management. According to Net Music Countdown:

The Net Music Countdown is heard in 25 markets on broadcast radio and on demand at the NMC web site. The show reaches an audience of 800,000 people each week.

The NMC player is designed so that anyone on a Mac or a PC can easily play back a variety of Web audio and video formats. In the world of broadcast, MP2 is the standard, and the MVP engine handles the playback and encoding of those files as well - unique to the broadcast industry. The NMC player can also act as a powerful audio compression tool which will allow users to create the most popular online audio formats in existence today, including QuickTime, MP3 and WAV files.

The Net Music Countdown (NMC) player will be available for free in the upcoming weeks. MP3 and MP2 encoding is enabled for 30 days, after which an upgrade to unlimited encoding is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the NMC web site.