New NVIDIA Cards Support Dual Displays, Standard In High End G4

NVIDIA has announced a new version of their GeForce2 card, the GeForce2 MX TwinView. The new card allows users to drive two displays from one expansion card, freeing up valuable PCI slots for those that want to use multiple displays. The GeForce2 MX is standard on all of Appleis new PowerMac G4s, and the TwinView technology is standard on the new high end Dual Processor 800MHz configuration. According to NVIDIA:

NVIDIA today announced that its TwinViewdisplay architecture is now available for Appleis Power Mac G4 line of computers. NVIDIAis GeForce2MX is the standard GPU of choice for Appleis new Power Mac G4 configurations available through retail, while the GeForce3GPU is a configure-to-order (CTO) option.?All of NVIDIAis products are available through The Apple Store ( and through Apple resellers.

This is the first time that NVIDIAis GeForce2 MX is being offered on all standard retail configurations of Power Mac G4, including dual monitor support via TwinView.?TwinView enables exciting display alternatives. For example, a user could configure a Mac to surf the web on?theirprimary monitor while simultaneously watching a DVD movie on a television screen.

"Today, Apple launched the new Power Mac G4 complete with NVIDIAis TwinView capabilities, shifting the way end-users interact with their computers and monitors," said Jeff Fisher, vice president of worldwide sales at NVIDIA.?"Our TwinView functionality is the perfect complement to Appleis Power Mac desktops and its family of matching displays?bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers alike."

"The Power Mac G4, with its power, expandability and leading-edge digital solutions, is the system of choice for serious graphics professionals," said Philip Schiller, Appleis vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "With NVIDIAis TwinView functionality for dual-monitor support, Appleis new Power Mac G4 gives the pro something they value highly-?more screen real estate to be creative."

Based on the award-winning GeForce2 architecture, the GeForce2 MX GPU with TwinView ensures razor-sharp, crystal-clear 2D graphics, even at extreme resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536, in 32-bit color on a primary display screen. The GeForce2 MX GPU also offers advanced 3D performance by delivering over 25 million sustained triangles per second and 800 million texels per second.

In addition to blazingly fast 2D and 3D graphics, GeForce2 MX provides unparalleled display flexibility with its new TwinView display architecture. Through TwinView, GeForce2 MX supports a dizzying array of multi-display configurations. Various combinations of multiple monitors, flat panels, and TVs can be connected to a single GeForce2 MX GPU. TwinView even supports two independent digital flat panels, an industry first, providing relief for severely constrained desktop environments.

You can find more information on the new GeForce2 TwinView card at the NVIDIA Web site.