New Network Authentication From PNCglobal

PNCglobal is now shipping a new security app for network managers. Uni-ID is a remote authentication app designed for network security and privileged access. The app ships with LAN and WAN security and a two-factor authentication base for reliability. According to PNCglobal:

PNCglobal announced today the availability of Uni-ID, a new, revolutionary authentication card for Macintosh network managers. The Uni-ID card secures LAN and WAN access using strong two-factor authentication, at a cost 10 times lower than other card-based solutions (such as smart cards).

Internet security is no more a ‘nice to have’ affair, and authenticating a person connecting over a network has therefore become essential. Uni-ID offers strong security, flexible privilege management, as well as user convenience to control the access to your Macintosh-only or mixed platforms (Mac/Windows/Unix) network resources. It uses universally accepted CD Cards to considerably reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs. The solution can use any standard CD reader, does not require pre-installed software or hardware and does not leave any information on the user’s computer.

You can find more information about Uni-ID at the NCglobal Web site. Uni-ID pricing is available by contacting the PNCglobal sales department.