New Online Service Allows Mac Users To Find Other Local Mac Users

A new online service has been launched for Mac users. The company is called MacZoom, and the service is designed to help Mac users find other Mac users in their area. You can search by state, country, city, and user level (Any, Beginner User, Confirmed User, Power User), and up to 28 different levels of "status," which is similar to occupation.

MacZoomis Web site bills itself as an "online club for Mac users," and as an Apple User Group. A brand new service announced today, MacZoom claimed 289 members worldwide when we first pulled up the site to check it out. Reloading it a few minutes later showed 291 members. Doing a search returns results that link to profile pages for each member. Names are handled as user names, and communication go through MacZoom, allowing users control over who gets your contact information. service is a fun and easy way to meet Mac users in your area and around the world! service allows you to:

  • search Mac users in your city!
  • search same users of your Mac application!
  • search same users of your Mac peripheral!
  • search Mac specialists that fit your criteria!
  • edit, manage your profile (with pictures)
  • send messages to members
  • chat with members!
  • publish your profile at top of search lists

MacZoom says the service is free. You can find more information on MacZoom at the companyis Web site.