New Optical Character Recognition From Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision, Inc. has released a new app for the Mac, ABBYY Fine Reader Pro 5. ABBYY Fine Reader Pro 5 is an Optical Character Recognition app designed for reading and spell checking text from 23 languages. Images are scanned or faxed in, and the app can recognize, archive and spell check the text. According to Sound & Vision:

Introducing ABBYY FineReader Pro 5 for Mac.

New Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for MacOS was developed in successful partnership between ABBYY Software House and Sound & Vision, Inc. Companies are glad to announce that the well-known recognition accuracy and ease of use of ABBYY FineReader Pro is now available to the Macintosh users. Developed from the ground up as the Macintosh application and based on the ten years experience this is the best solution for your OCR needs.

FineReader understands the worlds 117 languages and spell check for 23 languages is built-in. You can even select multiple languages for document (e.g. English, Latin for medical documents) to improve recognition.

It enters text printed on the paper to the computer, so it becomes suitable for further editing, archiving, sending via e-mail or posting on the Web. Usually you use Scanner (or Fax modem) to enter graphic image of the document in computer and then use FineReader to get document in a format such as Plain Text, RTF, PDF, HTML, and Unicode text or even immediately transfer recognition results to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Apple Works, and Simple Text. And for English and Spanish we support Appleis Speech Technology to read the text aloud.

You can find more information about ABBYY Fine Reader Pro 5 at the Sound & Vision Web site. ABBYY Fine Reader Pro 5 is available for US$129.00.