New PDF Magazine MacBase Released Today

MacBase will be releasing the first issue of of the self-titled magazine today to the Mac community. MacBase is a PDF magazine devoted to all things Mac related. The premiere 50 page issue ships with numerous sections including feature articles, how-tois, and columns. According to MacBase:

Today, Friday August 24, the premier of issue of MacBase will be released.

MacBase is a PDF magazine with full featured articles and pictures.

MacBase is essentially free. To get an issue of MacBase all you need to do is sign up for our mailing list. The initial 50 page issue of MacBase has 6 feature articles, 5 how-tois, 8 reviews, and 5 different columns.

The feature articles vary from Macintosh gaming to getting free pictures to use while the how-tois show you how to hack your Internet Explorer and work with Applescript. All for free. This jam packed issue of MacBase is one thing you donit want to miss.

You can find more information about the MacBase release at the MacBase Web site. The MacBase magazine is available free to the public.