New Palm Trade-In Offer Aimed At Mac Users

PocketMac and Hewlett Packard are offering a new trade-in policy for users of Palm PDAs. Due to Palm dropping future Mac support for desktop syncing, HP is providing upgrade rebates for users who switch to the iPaq Pocket PC. Rebate coupons are also offered towards the purchase of PocketMac, the sync software for the iPaq. According to PocketMac:

PocketMac & HP are offering abandoned Palm users double rebates to upgrade their PDAs to HP iPaq Pocket PCs and to PocketMac(R), the original Mac-to-Pocket PC Sync Solution(TM).

At the recent Palmsource Developer conference, Palm announced that new version of the Palm operating system would no longer include any desktop-based sync software for the Mac. This of course leaves devoted Mac-based Palm users with dramatically fewer options.

By visiting, Mac-based Palm users can get a rebate from HP for upgrading their old Palm to a new HP iPaq Pocket PC. In addition, they can also receive a coupon towards the purchase of PocketMac.

You can find more information about the Palm PDA trade-in offer at the PalmUpTrade Web site. Rebates for Palm PDAs start at US$50.00.