New Player In The Drive Utility Market

Radialogic has announced a new product aimed at keeping useris hard drives running smoothly and efficiently. Chaos Master has evolved out of YankPro, and combines 14 powerful and easy to use drive maintenance tools into one application. According to Radialogic:

Radialogic, the new subsidiary of Prosoft Engineering Inc., announced today that it has introduced retail versions of Chaos Master. Chaos Master is Radialogicis second product offering in its line of Macintosh software. Chaos Master is now on sale and available for download at

Radialogic Chaos Master is the application all Macintosh users need to bring order to their hard disks. It combines fourteen disk and file management utilities together seamlessly in an easy-to-use and intuitive application. Chaos Master sports a quick check wizard mode for all users who want a simple disk check, and for a more thorough check, the advanced mode allows users to perform over a dozen file manipulation tasks including:

  • Update Applications via
  • Find and Fix Broken Files and Aliases
  • Find Orphaned Text Files
  • Clean-Up Internet Cache Files
  • Slim Fat Applications
  • Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Radialogic Chaos Master is result of the former share-ware product YankPro, which received a five-apple rating in the August issue of MacHome Journal. "The development of YankPro (aka Chaos Master) was taken over by Radialogic in the late Spring, coincidentally YankPro had already been given a shining review in MacHome while the transition was taking place," says Greg Brewer, President and CEO of Radialogic Software. "We are sure that this new improvement to YankPro will make an impact on the Macintosh software market."

Chaos Master is available for US$59.95. You can find more information at the Radialogic web site.