New Plug-in Helps Eudora Users Handle Mail Attachments

Have you ever had the annoying experience of telling somebody to see the attached file in an e-mail message, and then forgetting to attach the file? While it does not happen often, it is particularly annoying when it does. A new program, Attachment Glue, helps make sure that attachments are properly sent. According to Attachment Glue developer, Thought Foundry:

The Attachment Glue plug-in is a patent-pending software extension that is added to existing email applications. Attachment Glue? makes emailing more productive for the sender and the recipient by insuring that intended attachments are actually included with the email.

It does this by sensing user specified keywords in the senderis email (E.G.: attach, file, etc...). If the user presses send without attaching a file and the user specified keywords are contained within the email, it reminds the user to attach a file and interrupts the sending process to allow the user to attach the intended file.

When people communicate via email they quite often intend to attach files to the email, but they accidentally click the "Send" button before they attach the file. Soon afterwards they realize that they forgot to attach the file either by someone informing them that nothing was attached or they realize it by themselves. They then have to send another email that has the file attached, as was initially intended.

The Attachment Glue plug-in automatically senses what someone is typing in the email by referencing keywords specified in the plug-in preferences. If the user selects send without attaching a document and the plug-in senses a keyword defined in the preferences, the plug-in interrupts the sending process to confirm that the user wants to send the email without an attachment.

For example, if the user types in "I have attached this file for your review", the checking component detects that the user has typed in "attached". If the user clicks on the "Send" button before a file has been attached, the checking component will display a message that informs the user that the plug-in has detected a keyword defined in the preferences. Then, the user will have the choice of either "Send the email without an attachment" or "Attach a file to the email".

Attachment Glue is currently only compatible with Eudora, but support for other e-mail programs is in the works. Attachment Glue is available for US$10, and you can find more information at the Attachment Glue Web site.