New Power Adapter Powers Your Notebook & Cell Phone In Home, Car, Airplane

Mobility Electronics has released a new product aimed at the serious roadwarrior. Itis called the Juice, or the iGo Juice if you look at the Web site, and it will simultaneously provide power to your PowerBook/iBook along with your cell phone/PDA (with an optional accessory). It will do this from a regular wall socket (home or office), in a car, or on an airliner (assuming the flight offers power, of course). It does this by including different power cords with the power supply. From Mobility:

Mobility Electronics, Inc. today announced its new Juice power adapteris support for the Apple platform, expanding the companyis footprint in the mobile computing industry and offering Mac users a powerful complement to their Apple PowerBook and iBook computers.

Juice is the first and only product that enables users to simultaneously charge their laptop and a mobile phone or handheld from any power source - standard wall outlet, auto outlet or airline outlet - allowing mobile Mac users to carry a single power device for all their laptop, mobile phone, and handheld device power and charging needs.

Juiceis sleek, silver package combined with its all-in-one functionality makes the product appealing to Mac users who appreciate Appleis signature design and world-class performance. Mac users depend on their iBooks and PowerBooks to provide maximum functionality in a compact package, ensuring they have access to the tools they need wherever they go. Juiceis powerful functionality allows Apple users to stay powered up whether at the office, on the road or in the air, while its compact design lets them maintain the mobility their lightweight iBooks and PowerBooks afford them.

Juice is priced at US$119.99, and the company says the device will be available this month at the Apple Store (online and retail), and some Apple retailers. The product is also available at, where you can find more information.

The company offers a compatibility list for cell phones and PDAs, as well, and we want to specifically point out that cell phone and PDA powering requires an optional accessory.