New Preflight Utility For QuarkXPress Released

Kanzu Utilities has released QXP Maven version 1.0. QXP Maven is a utility designed to alleviate potential problems when printing with QuasrkXPress. According to Kanzu Utilities:

Kanzu Utilities this week released QXP Maven version 1.0, a new document preflight utility for QuarkXPress.

QXP Maven is a stand-alone utility which can scan QuarkXPress documents for more than 70 kinds of potential problems which may occur at print time, saving time and money on wasted materials. Maven can scan for such problem items such as RGB images, suppressed for print items, rotated images, spot colors, excessive scaling, menu styled fonts, hairlines, manually trapped items, and more.

Other Maven features include batch processing, collect for output, and a hotspot to enable quick access to Maven while working in QuarkXPress. An Autofix feature can fix potential problems on the fly, such as converting spot colors to process, unsuppressing items, and setting tiff picture box colors from none to white.

You can find more information about QXP Maven at the Kanzu Utilities Web site. QXP Maven is available for US$69.00.