New Processor Upgrades From TechnoWarehouse

TechnoWarehouse is now shipping new Macintosh processor upgrades. The rev. A through rev. D upgrades cover legacy versions of the G3 and G4 Apple CPU. Upgrades boost performance to a possible 500 MHz rating. According to TechnoWarehouse:

TechnoWarehouse announces the immediate availability of two new Apple iMac processor upgrades. The rev. A through rev. D (233MHz through 333MHz) iMacs can be upgraded with either the iMAXpowr 500MHz G3 or the iMAXpowr 433MHz G4.

TechnoWarehouse has also recently expanded offerings to include items from BookEndz, Wiebetech, MCE, Sonnet Technologies and the renewed Newer Technology, to better meet customer demands.

You can find more information about the processor upgrades at the TechnoWarehouse Web site. The various upgrade pricing schemes can be found be contacting the TecnoWarehouse sales team.