New QuickTime Design Studio Available, G4 PowerBook Offered Up As Prize

Boy Computer, a provider of QuickTime development solutions, has announced the availability of their Alexander QuickTime Web Design Studio. The Alexander QuickTime Studio allows users and designers to easily include QuickTime links in their site, create QT based advertisements, and in general take full advantage of QuickTimeis authoring power.

In celebration of the launch, all owners of the Alexander QuickTime Web Design Studio will be eligible to win a new G4 Titanium PowerBook. According to Boy Computer:

Every Mac user should be using QuickTime if they design web sites. Itis easier thanyou think, and QuickTimeis integration with the Mac OS something veryspecial about the Mac.

The first landmark building block of the N.E.W. (Never, EverWait) strategy will be the successful launch of BoyComputer.comis AlexanderQT Web Design Studio. Alexander QT Web Design Studio software lets Macusers access the new media merging powers of QuickTime so they can put linksin movies, build QuickTime 5 skins, put ads in streams, and nearly fiftyother functions. The Alexander area of the web site hasdemos of QuickTime movies doing things most people have never seen them dobefore. celebrates the release of the brand new Alexander QT Web Studio by running a contest!

Come up with the coolest creation and win a brand new Titanium G4 PowerBook.Anybody who owns Alexander QT Web Design Studio is eligible. Alexander QTWeb Design Studio gives you access to the new media merging powers ofQuickTime. With it you can put links in videos, make QuickTime 5 skins, andstring together movies and streams. The use of SMIL makes Alexanderunbelievably flexible and web designers will start using it to do completelynew things, so is looking for the most creative use of thisnew technology. Steve Jobs says that QuickTime is the core technology forAppleis future, and, as long as Mac sales remain strong, Alexander QT WebStudio will remain a Mac-only title.

The contest is open to anybody with Complete or Bi-Annual access toAlexander QT Web Design Studio. The contest will be judged by a person whohas a distinguished position in the QuickTime authoring culture (identity tobe announced). The judging will start 30 days after the 500th CompleteAlexander subscription is purchased, and it will end 7 days after.

You can find more information on the Alexander QuickTime Web Design Studio at the Boy Computer Web site.