New QuickTime VR Tools Available

Kaidan Incorporated has released two new panoramic tripod heads for use with Appleis QuickTime VR technology. The two products allows users to more easily capture accurate pictures for the production of QuickTime VR movies. According to Kaidan:

Kaidan Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of Photographic VR hardware, announced today two new KiWi panoramic tripod heads designed to support the next generation of QuickTime VR (QTVR) from Apple Computer, Inc.

According to Kaidan President, Jim Anders, "We?re very excited to be a part of QuickTime Live and to participate in Apple?s introduction of the next version of QuickTime VR. The new cubic technology expands QuickTime VR to provide users a full ?look straight up and down? viewing experience."

KiWi-VL Panoramic Tripod Head and KiWi-VL Camera Kits
The KiWi-VL is a new panoramic tripod head that is designed around the Voigtlander Bessa-L camera. This 35mm rangefinder camera supports Voigtlander?s newly announced ultra-wide 12mm lens, which offers the widest field of view of any rectilinear wide-angle lens in the world. The KiWi-VL is used to create single-row cylindrical panoramas, which can be created with only five shots in order to achieve stunning 120-degree vertical fields of view. The entire KiWi-VL system, consisting of the tripod head, camera and lens provides a compact, lightweight solution that weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

The KiWi-VL comes with the click-stop enabled tripod head, a 2-axis bubble level, a camera slider/positioner, a captive attachment knob and four (5, 6, 7, 8) detent discs. Additional detent discs (2 through 22) are available. The KiWi-VL uses an indexed mounting slot that will let you position the camera anywhere along the bracket. You simply position the camera to the appropriate mark for either the 12mm or 15mm lens.

The KiWi-VL tripod head, Voigtlander Bessa-L camera, 12mm or 15mm lens, optional Pelican transport case and other accessories are available from Kaidan and Kaidan resellers. The suggested retail prices are:

  • Panoramic Tripod Head, KiWi-VL - $219.95
  • Camera Body, Voigtlander Bessa-L, Black - $329.95
  • Lens, Wide-Angle, 15mm, Black - $569.95
  • Lens, Ultra-Wide-Angle, 12mm, Black - $999.95
  • KiWi-VL Camera Kit, 12mm - $1699.95 - (includes KiWi-VL, Bessa-L body, 12mm lens, QuickTilt Leveler, Pelican transport case)
  • KiWi-VL Camera Kit, 15mm - $1299.95 - (includes KiWi-VL, Bessa-L body, 12mm lens, QuickTilt Leveler, Pelican transport case)
  • KiWi-VL Panoramic Kit - $469.95 - (includes KiWi-VL, QuickTilt Leveler, Pelican transport case)

You can find more information at the Kaidan web site.