New RAID Storage Devices Shipping From FirewireDirect has updated the Vanguard Series of RAID Drives. The Vanguard is a FireWire RAID hard drive that features stripe writing and is designed for use as a secure backup device for servers or digital media archiving. The drive is software independent and allows simple and reliable plug and play functionality including Level One mirroring. According to, Inc., has announced an update to their Vanguard Series of Firewire Hardware RAID products that will provide Level 0 RAID support for the first time in their standout RAID product.

The new level of RAID functionality makes the Vanguard a fully independent FireWire device with a RAID controller that will run on any system with FireWire storage support, providing high speed performance, speed and security for video and other demanding digital applications.

Because it is not dependent on software and system resources, the performance gains achieved through RAID striping will be consistent, making it more appropriate for many applications requiring the highest available sustained throughputs and maximum stability.

The Vanguard will now be available in configurations up to 240GB, with support for both Level 1 (Mirroring) and Level 0 (Striping) RAID. It requires no additional RAID software, hardware or complex device drivers, but will easily install with basic FireWire storage drivers included in most current operating systems and operate with the same ease of use as any FireWire storage device on a Windows, Mac, Solaris, Unix or Novell computer with FireWire storage support.

You can find more information about the updated Vanguard Series at the Web site. The Vanguard Series of RAID devices are available starting at US$975.95.