New Refurb Deals At Apple Store Online

Apple has posted new refurb offers at the Apple Store. The companyis Hot Deals page for the Apple Store points to the Special Deals page at the online Apple Store, where the company has some 24 different Apple products being offered. Currently, this includes 12" and 17" PowerBooks, all three current iBooks, a 17" iMac, two different eMacs, AirPort and AirPort Extreme products, iPods, and iPod accessories.

Note that Appleis refurb offerings are dynamically listed, and reflect current inventories. That means that what we saw at press time may not be exactly what you see when you look.

The easiest way to get to these refurb offers is to hit the Apple Store Hot Deals page, and hit the "Special Deals" link, which takes you directly to the refurb listings.