New Rewritable DVD Media On The Way

Verbatim has announced that they will be shipping new rewritable DVD media this fall. The new media, the DataLifePlus 4.7GB DVD+RW, will offer backward compatibility with current DVD systems while also providing compatibility with the newest generation of DVD+RW drives. According to Verbatim:

Focused on providing OEMs, resellers and end users with a single source for all of the DVD formats, Verbatim Corporation announced today that it will be shipping DataLifePlus 4.7GB DVD+RW media in the Fall of this year. Delivery of the new discs will coincide with the availability of the new DVD+RW drives which are being showcased during TECHXNY/PC Expo at the Javits Convention Center this week.

Designed to provide broad backward read compatibility with current and future DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players, Verbatim ReWritable DVD+RW media will be used by consumers for both audio/video and data storage applications.

"The DVD+RW specification provides a smooth migration from CD technology to DVD technology while preserving customer investments in existing CD and DVD-ROM products," said Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatimis director of optical storage marketing. "As one of the first to offer 4.7GB DVD+RW media, Verbatim marks a major milestone in two-way compatibility between PCs and consumer entertainment devices. People will be able to use the same disc in their PC as they use in their set-top DVD players."

For PC applications, the DVD+RW format uses CAV (constant angular velocity) recording, which means the disc rotates at a constant speed during recording to provide fast, random-access reading of the disc. In addition, the technology incorporates extensive defect management to ensure that data is accurately written to and read from the disc.

For video applications, the DVD+RW format uses advanced ?lossless linking? technology which allows the use of variable bit rate recording for longer playback. Verbatimis DVD+RW media will also simplify the task of combining digital video and digital data in multimedia applications. Because DVD+RW incorporates multi-session writing technology, users can quickly add documents, data and video segments without having to constantly open and close write sessions.

Offering more than seven times the storage capacity of CD media, Verbatim 4.7GB DVD+RW discs will store up to two hours of high-quality (MPEG-2) video or four hours of MPEG-1 video. With the ability to provide more than 1,000 overwrites and a data life of more than 100 years, Verbatim DVD+RW discs are also cost-effective for data backup, Web downloads, and video editing.

Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Company (MCC), are active members of the group of companies that developed the DVD+RW format. The format established the specifications for recorded and unrecorded signals, ensuring optimum data playback across all popular DVD playback devices.

A single-sided DataLifePlus 4.7GB DVD+RW disk is expected to retail for US$20. You can find more information at the Verbatim Web site.