New Set Of Painter Nozzles Available

Sapphire Innovations has released a new set of nozzles for the Painter line of products, Nozzles Pack Vol. 4. The pack includes 100 nozzles along with 100 brushes for use with the Painter line of products. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations, today announced iNozzles Pack Vol 4i. The Pack includes 100 incredible new nozzles for Painter & related products, as well as 100 new amazing brushes for use within painter.

The nozzles come in a variety of colourful styles and shapes, from blurry nozzles, to bevelled nozzles, to smooth nozzles, dotty nozzles/spherical nozzles... create the most amazing images - great for a source of other effects/brushes/frames... these nozzles have 1000s of different uses within Painter to create the most incredible imagery.

The nozzles are all royalty-free.

These nozzles are stored in nozzles libraries (NZL) format so that they can be used within Painter Classic (tm) as well as the main Painter product. Greatly enhance your iPainter brushesi collection with these nozzles.

The Nozzles Pack Vol. 4 is available for US$15.25. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovations Web site.