New Set Of Tips At The Mac Product Guide Site

Apple Computer, in conjunction with the MacHome Magazine, has posted a new set of tips and tricks at the Mac Products Guide web site. This issue talks about recovering from crashes, making IE "leaner", and handling image files. According to Apple:

Each month "MacHome Tips & Tricks" provides you with the coolest tips and tricks for getting the most from your Mac experience. Youill get tips that cover everything from the Mac OS to getting the most productivity from cruising the Web. All in the easy-to-read, no jargon style thatis made MacHome famous.

One tip, for example:

Have you ever wanted to quickly view an image file without having to search for Apple?s PictureViewer application or launch a bulkier program like Adobe Photoshop? Double-clicking the image file opens the application that created the picture ? not necessarily the best application to view the picture. Thankfully, there?s an easy workaround. Open the Control Strip and look for the QuickTime module (it?s the one with the blue QuickTime logo). The next time you come across a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or even Photoshop file that you want to preview, simply drag it onto the QuickTime Control Strip module. PictureViewer will open automatically and display the file.

You can find more tips at the Mac Products Guide web site.