New Site Declares Jihad On The Lack Of Mac Desktop Pictures

Mando Gomez has launched a new site called Desktop Jihad that offers 114 desktop pictures for your Mac. The site offers resolutions of 1024x768, 1152x870, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200 for each image. According to Desktop Jihad:

The nation of and its other sisters (, declares jihad (holy war) against all other desktop/wallpapers makers of the world for the month of January (or until school starts again).

We will no longer abstain our discomfort at realizing the lack of kick-ass desktops by and for Mac user in this land of infidels that is the Internet. We will strike with great vengeance at those disciples of tasteless combinations of pastels and lane graphics. Their days of ugly-desktops-making-days are numbered. We shall give them hell!

It is our realization in seeing how the infidels of the world no longer produce enough desktops to satisfy our Macintosh drive for desktop karma. They have run-a-mock in their production of desktop that we will no longer accept! We want more desktops! More selections! More styles! More styles of the same desktop! And we want more cute colors!

We want a site dedicated at high-end aerospace desktops – we donit want those puny 800x600 pieces of ‘oversize’ junks but those majestic 1600x1200 images at their full glory. We also want someone who realize that the Boeing 777 is the most beautiful plane ever created!

And we want a site that realizes that ‘letterbox’ desktops kicks ass! The effect of those black lines in your average computer display is one of karma-scent tranquility and style. But we also want to the choice of selecting a desktop in either full-scream or in letterbox format.

May the All Mighty protect us in our drive to declare war against the infidels.

You can find more information at Desktop Jihad.