New Source File Upgrades For PowerTicker Users

Galleon Software has released new source file updates for users of PowerTicker. The new files are designed to keep the PowerTicker app up to date with new financial sources. PowerTicker is a specialized Web browser that formats financial information into an animated stock ticker. According to Galleon Software:

PowerTicker, the first desktop stock ticker for Macintosh, gathers information from a growing number of online financial sites around the world. Today, Galleon Software released its first online collection of source files to allow PowerTicker customers to quickly add new sources and keep their copy of PowerTicker up to date.

PowerTicker is a specialized Web browser that queries financial websites and reformats the information it receives as an animated stock ticker and a collection of concise reports. The built-in portfolio manager uses the latest available stock quotes to calculate the current value of your investments. Even your international holdings are automatically converted at the current exchange rate and tallied in your currency of choice.

Source file upgrades are a free service to all PowerTicker customers and are supported in PowerTicker 2.0 and later. Previous MacTicker customers are invited to download the latest version of PowerTicker and take advantage of Galleon Softwareis ongoing upgrade offer.

You can find more information about the source file updates at the Galleon Software Web site. The source file update is free for registered users of PowerTicker. The full version of PowerTicker is available for US$49.00.