New Space Fighting Game Offers Multiplayer Option

Cortic Software has released a new game for the Mac called Unprovoked. The galactic fighting game is a 2D space shoot-em-up that can be played by multiple people through networking. According to Cortic Software:

Today Cortic Software is proud to announce the release of Unprovoked, a fast-paced space shooter that brings new life to a tried and true genre.

Unprovoked goes galaxies beyond where most Asteroids-clones leave off. The game features a plethora of levels, opponents, and weapons. Mission activities range from destroying space stations to escorting transport ships, all while dodging lasers, missiles and other weaponry.

The most defining feature of Unprovoked is its multiplayer combat. Players can join games with up to hundreds of other players over the Internet or on a LAN. Cortic Softwareis web site provides an easy method of finding other players with its Internet Game Listing. Twitch-action dog fights have never been so ferocious.

Unprovoked is available for free. We also found that it ran within Mac OS X, though we did not try network gaming in X. You can find more information at Cortic Softwareis site.