New Surface Lapstand Fights "Thigh Burn?

Sick of the awkward angle of an iBook or PowerBook in your lap? Want something more like a real desktop while you surf the Web and watch TV? The surfACE 1.5 lapstand from edgeBlur Inc. might be the answer.

The surfACE 1.5 (see photo below) is a lapstand for any laptop computer up to and including 17-inch models. When used on an armchair, the surfACE 1.5 will transfer the weight of the mobile computer totally onto the chairs armrests.

Made of clear or translucent acrylic, aluminum and rubber, it includes posts to lift the rear of the notebook for better cooling and side boards that site on the arms of a chair for use of a mouse or to sit food or drink. The center stand has ventalation holes which also act as female connectors for raiser posts.

The surfACE 1.5 costs US$159 in clear acrylic and US$164 in translucent white. Additional raiser posts can be purchased in sets or individually for $2.65.

The SurfACE 1.5 lapstand from edgeBlur Inc.