New TIL Article Covers Restoring OS 9 On A Shared OS X Disk

Apple has posted a new Tech Info Library (TIL) article dealing with problem associated with restoring OS 9 on a shared OS X disk. Users have reported that after using the Disk Restore feature for OS 9, there OS X system would not correctly start up. This article deals with that scenario. According to TIL n106294:

Use the steps in this article to reinstall Mac OS 9.x, or to recover after performing any Mac OS 9.x Software Restore option on your Mac OS X disk.

I. Installation of Mac OS 9.x

Most Macintosh computers include a Software Installation CD-ROM disc and a Software Restore CD-ROM disc. Though they install the same Mac OS 9.x operating system, they way in which they do it differs significantly.

Important: Do not use the Software Restore CD. If you have already used Software Restore on your Mac OS X disk, skip to Section II: Preparing for Recovery.

If you need to reinstall Mac OS 9.x on the Mac OS X disk, use the Installation CD. You should only use the Clean Installation option. The Mac OS 9.x Installer will rename the Applications folder to "Applications (Mac OS 9)." To install while preventing the Installer from renaming the Mac OS X Applications folder, follow these steps:

  1. Start up the computer from the Mac OS 9.x Installation CD.
  2. Move the Applications folder on the hard disk temporarily into another folder, such as Library or Users.
  3. Perform the Mac OS 9.x installation, clicking the Options button to select Clean Installation.
  4. After the Mac OS 9.x installation is complete, move the Applications folder back to its original location.

You can find the full TIL article, which walks users through the entire process, at Appleis Tech Info Library Web site.