New Technology Allows Scanned Images To Be Sent Via Mobile Phone

LuraTech has announced a new technology called LuraDocument. LuraDocument, along with Erikson mobile phones and EASY Softwareis image technology, allow users to easily send scanned color digital images over mobile phones for transfer and display on other computer systems. According to LuraTech:

LuraDocument is an innovative technology for high performance compression of colored documents and is ideal for archiving, editing, and wirelessly transferring scanned colored documents in extremely small file sizes. LuraDocument is best suited for documents that contain large image regions combined with text. The LuraDocument technology segments these documents into three layers: a bitonal (black and white) layer of document text, a layer with text color information, and a background image with the text removed. After the text is extracted, the resulting image is compressed using a specially adapted version of LuraTechis advanced LuraWave image encoder. LuraWave is based on wavelet algorithms-mathematical expressions that encode in a continuous stream-to produce a compressed image that has richer color, sharper edges, and no blocking artifacts common to JPEG compression. The text region of the document is compressed using a proprietary LuraTech context-based coder that results in compressed data 10-40% smaller than that of the next most efficient technology, Fax G4. A third layer containing color for text regions is compressed in a separate layer. All information is stored in a single file, and is automatically decoded and re-combined into the original document when the file is re-opened. Users may view the layers separately and can export to Fax G4.

Using the document management system from EASY, LuraDocument allows individuals to access files easily and quickly. Conventional methods used to digitize scanned colored documents usually result in files that are too large for sending over the Internet. With LuraDocument, scanned documents can be significantly reduced in size-making it ideal for low bandwidth transmissions, such as wireless devices. For example, a 25 megabyte 8.5 by 11 inch paper document scanned at 300 dpi can be compressed to smaller than 100 kilobytes-reducing the original file to less than 50% its original size. When LuraDocument is transferred wirelessly, text regions remain clear and image regions retain its originally scanned color. This feature allows applications to perform better OCR (optical character recognition) and improved keyword search capabilities for digital document than other current standards.

You can find more information on LuraDocument at the LuraTech web site.